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Taking meetings out to the community


Parish councillors and the clerk outside the Millennium Community Centre Moreton after the meeting.

The September 2016 council meeting of Gnosall Parish Council was held in the Moreton Millennium Community Centre. Over 20 residents from Moreton Ward attended and asked questions in the public open forum before the meeting. "We are glad that there was a good turnout by local people in Moreton for our council meeting," said Cllr Pat Alker, Chair of Gnosall Parish Council. "We intend to make this an annual venue for one of our council meetings". "We also hope to visit Knightley for a meeting before long."  The civil parish of Gnosall, near Newport, covers the village of Gnosall/Gnosall Heath as well as a large rural area. There are three wards, Gnosall, Moreton and Knightly.