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For those members of the community who have not heard in these troubled times,

my Wife Jean, who has been the Coordinator for the Neighbourhood Watch activities in the greater Moreton, Outwoods & Bromstead area for the past 20 odd years, died on Christmas Day. Jean would have been distraught had she thought the organisation she represented would not continue to go from strength to strength in her absence, but a successor has not yet stepped forward, which means the compilation and publication of

the much appreciated monthly news-sheet of security advice and tips for households,

will no longer appear in MOBSTEAD NEWS.


The individual Coordinators nominated for each local area in the community (except Coley), will all be continuing to provide coverage for any incidents or advice required

and have access to the local Police, which they can activate when the need arises.


As a Chartered Civil Engineer (now retired), my role was always a hand holding/supporting one to Jean, with her many years of experience working closely

with the Police, but should any Coordinator feel the need to ask, I may be able to

provide limited guidance in the absence of a successor to Jean to date





Trevor Stevenson







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